• Reviving the shelfie

    Reviving the shelfie

    If you were to choose 13 essential titles [in the scholarship of teaching and learning], what would they be? For Nancy Chick, these kinds of requests are the stuff of dreams. [...]
  • Apps for classroom collaboration

    Apps for classroom collaboration

    The learning studios on the main floor of the Taylor Institute are equipped with 33 “collaboration carts” – each with a 50” touch-enabled display, and a suite of hardware and software that can be used to present content in a class, and to support active learning and collaboration between students. Here we present our top 5 apps for these carts. [...]
  • Teaching Shakespeare in the Screen Age

    Teaching Shakespeare in the Screen Age

    We readers and teachers of Shakespeare need to co-opt the media in which we read and teach him. We need to see Shakespeare as an alternative to screens, but we should also teach him in ways that capture what screens can uniquely do. Screens are not mere distractions, but also platforms for (film + theatre + radio) performances; and they are ideal for teaching, for making explicit the stages of literary criticism. [...]