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Over the next year, the Technology Integration Group will be working to focus more on learning spaces, and how the design of learning spaces impacts teaching and learning. As part of that process, we’re gathering articles and links to resources that help to describe effective and innovative learning space design, as well as the practical uses of these spaces. We will also be actively looking for opportunities to tour various spaces on campus and elsewhere, to learn about how the design and use of the spaces influences the activities of the people that use them.

I was fortunate to be invited to a mini conference at the University of Mary Washington, in Virginia. They had recently opened their Digital Convergence Center, which is basically a combination of our TFDL, the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning’s Educational Development Unit, and Information Technologies. The combination of departments in the new building was intentional, as a way to leverage convergence of digital tools and pedagogical supports to enhance student learning.



The design of learning spaces is important, and shapes what activities are possible (or feasible). Design signals importance and intentionality, and provides scaffolding to help lead and empower individuals to participate in a group or class setting.

Some resources to consider:

From Steelcase (a vendor of furniture and equipment for learning spaces):

EDUCAUSE resources:

Academic resources:


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