Educational Developers’ Caucus 2015: More Guiding Principles for Curriculum Review

Natasha Kenny and I recently did a pre-conference workshop at Educational Developers’ Caucus, titled ‘After Curriculum Mapping: Engaging Faculty in Meaningful Discussions and Evidence-based Decision-making’. In the session we examined a few different ways of presenting curriculum mapping data, talked about ways to analyze it, and generated strategies to facilitate such discussions with curriculum review teams.

The session went well in spite of challenges such as room layout and tech glitches. One of the things that made the session work was participants’ willingness to actively engage in the workshop, allowing us to leverage the collective expertise in the room. Although many of the participants had limited experience with curriculum mapping, they were able to contribute valuable ideas to the session. At the beginning of the session we asked the group, “What principles do you use to help guide your curriculum development work?” They generated the following map throughout the workshop:


We observed that most of the guidelines for facilitating curriculum work were the same as good practices in educational development. Some of the main themes that emerged were fostering a culture of conversation, trusting the process, finding out what people’s priorities were, and building capacity.

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