‘Design thinking’ points a spotlight on Elephants in the Room

Robert Kelly’s workshop series for faculty invites participants to collaborate, create, and break some rules

By Clayton MacGillivray, Werklund School of Education

Two life-size African elephants made of cardboard, newspaper, string and masking tape stand as bookends to a third elephant that rests on the floor of the gallery in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. The installation is the culmination of Robert Kelly’s Creative Design Practice graduate education course and while some might dismiss the project as simply arts and crafts, Kelly says there is deep learning involved in the endeavour.

“The title, Elephants in the Room, can be interpreted as a metaphor in learning and teaching for a preoccupation with product over process. This activity is an example of how I enable collaborative development and ultimately a collaborative culture of creativity whether it is in education, health care or business,” says Kelly.

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