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It was during an impromptu reading of T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral, hearing the echo of student voices resonate in the shadows of the imposing columns of the Canterbury Cathedral, when Lisa Stowe realized that “students need to be taken beyond the classroom into moments where they feel things on a multidimensional level. So they feel things emotionally, cognitively, sensorially. So they can feel the echo, so they can feel the dampness of the stone walls, so their feet touch the floor where the playwright once walked.”

It was that moment during a travel study tour of England when Stowe — then a graduate student teaching assistant — embarked on her 20-year journey in integrating experiential learning and teaching in the classroom. A journey that was marked by a high point this year when Stowe — now an instructor in the Department of Communication, Media and Film — received the 2016 University of Calgary Teaching Award in Experiential Learning Initiatives.

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