SoTL Foundations Reflections on International Graduate Students

by Galicia Blackman

In this post, Galicia Blackman shares some of her initial reflections from her final project for the SoTL Foundations Program for Graduate Students, which asks participants to develop a plan for SoTL inquiry.  

SoTL Foundations Program

SoTL Foundations Program (Badge of Completion)

Graduate school has its inherent trials, and studying away from home has an additional set of challenges. My foray into graduate research had anxieties that were not related to my status as an international student, but instead about moving away from my disciplinary interest. This is not my first time away from home for school, and I had a strong support system to acclimatize to life here at the University of Calgary, but even with all the domestic and academic support, I do feel the strains of adjusting to the norms of academia which differ from my expectations. I wonder about students who have to both make do without family support close by and adjust to language difficulties while also unpacking cultural academic norms.

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