Launching the TI Library

By Caitlin McClurg

TI Liaison Librarian 

The TI Library is now up and running! We now have a bench collection spanning major subject matters pertaining to teaching and learning in higher education. We have boxes of books to continue processing and already have ~220 titles on the shelf ready to use.

The library has been set up as a volunteer operation through LibraryThing and its accompanying catalogue TinyCat. Titles are loaded into LibraryThing, and Suzie and I have applied metadata (think of these like Twitter hashtags) so that you can discover multiple titles if you search a keyword. Try “assessment” to see what comes up!


Click on the book covers scrolling by, or search for a title or keyword in the search box. Feeling spicy? Try the advanced search.

TinyCat Accounts

As with many operations in the workplace, a little oversight goes a long way. That is why we have decided to require user accounts rather than a completely open stacks system. Whenever possible, please do use your account if you wish to use the materials. It allows for check and balance and resource management. You will soon see a tech solution for checking out books right by the bookshelves in the copier room – stay tuned! TinyCat has an app in development, but for now, you will log into the website. Thanks in advance!

Who Can Use it

As of right now, TI staff and Research Assistants have TinyCat accounts. External staff members at  the U of C can consult Andrea Derksen ( about borrowing privileges. Keep in mind that the main library system has many of the same titles available for the greater U of C community to use.


Checking Out: If you click on a title, you will immediately see if a book is available or checked out.

Placing a Hold: We have disabled the Place Hold button.

Returning a title: Please give to Andrea to check back in.

Lending period: 14 days, can renew 2 times for 14 days each.

Call Numbers

We are using the Library of Congress system. Read the call number alphabetically, and then numerically. A mishelved book can render it lost/missing in plain sight for a long time! Please ask for assistance if you are unsure where to put a book back.

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