Introduction to the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation

College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation

The College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation (CDCI) is the Taylor Institute’s arm devoted to undergraduate research, authentic student inquiry, and a host of other learning experiences that engage students in discovery, creativity, and innovation across the disciplines. CDCI programs will include opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and faculty to engage in activities that explore the connections between discovery research, creativity in all forms, and the elements of innovation. The foundation of the undergraduate learning experiences is inquiry-based, interdisciplinary courses focused on Global Challenges involving students who will be immersed in authentic, interdisciplinary inquiry experiences where teaching, learning and research are deeply integrated. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to engage in rigorous inquiry to generate creative and innovative solutions to challenges experienced in their local and global communities. In addition, the CDCI will support the development and sustainment of increased experiential and community-engaged learning opportunities.

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Read about CDCI Director, Jay Cross

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