SCIE 311 Peer Review Process

By Nicole Sandblom, Senior Instructor, Department of Chemistry, Natural Sciences Program 

When the Taylor Institute sent out Upcoming Events and Workshops, I looked into the resources available to learn about Course Trailers. These short videos seem like a valuable way to engage and connect with students and the Course Trailer Workshop let participants consider important design and planning questions before setting us loose to practice making a quick video on-the-fly.  Once I was at the workshop though, I thought that I could use these videos in our course to make expectations about the peer review process and team-based learning more explicit to students.  Although these details are captured in the course syllabus and mentioned by instructors during lecture, I thought the ability to replay a video would make the information more accessible.  Especially when students  register late and quickly need to get up to speed, these videos will capture the essential details of the course.

SCIE 311 Peer Review Process is the first of two videos I’ve created.

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