Presenting the Taylor Institute Guide Series

Looking for evidence-based resources on teaching approaches and practices?

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is pleased to present the Taylor Institute Guide Series, designed to further enhance our teaching and learning resources for academic staff, staff, and students at the University of Calgary and beyond.

The guides vary in intent and format, but they all summarize, synthesize, and clearly present evidence-based ways to better understand and improve both student learning and the teaching approaches and practices that facilitate that learning.

You can find our guides organized into one or more of the following categories:

BEFORE TEACHINGBeing intentional. Guides on approaching, preparing for, and designing teaching and learning

DURING TEACHING: Being effective. Guides on the practices, activities, and tools of teaching and learning.

AFTER TEACHING: Being reflective. Guides on assessing, evaluating, and documenting teaching and learning.

  • Before Teaching. Being Intentional. Threshold concepts are "core ideas that are conceptually challenging for students, who struggle to grasp it—but once grasped, it radically transforms the their perception of the subject. Although this material is difficult to learn, understanding threshold concepts is essential to the mastery of any field of study."

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