UNIV 201: Global Challenges

The College of Creativity, Discovery and Innovation  (CDCI) at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning invites first and second-year undergraduate students to take the lead in UNIV 201: GlobalChallenges. One of the University of Calgary’s most exciting new flagship courses, UNIV 201 encourages students to explore complex global issues, ask important questions, and solve problems that mean something to them. The course’s central topic is Feeding 9 Billion People by 2050, which welcomes the development of innovative, solution-based projects and collaboration with engaged community members. 

Limited spaces for fall 2017 are still available.

Jay Cross, CDCI Director, describes the CDCI and the Global Challenges course in this brief video.

Robin Mueller, UNIV 201 Instructor and Educational Development Consultant at the TI, highlights her UNIV 201 experience using experimental teaching approaches during winter 2017.

Visit the CDCI and Global Challenges websites.

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