Educational Development

SCIE 311 Peer Review Process

By Nicole Sandblom, Senior Instructor, Department of Chemistry, Natural Sciences Program  When the Taylor Institute sent out Upcoming Events and Workshops, I looked into the resources available to learn about Course Trailers. These short videos seem like […]


Supporting the Curriculum Review Process

At the University of Calgary, curriculum review is defined as “an academic staff-led critical examination of their own academic program for the purpose of optimizing the learning outcomes of that program” (University of Calgary, 2015, […]


Enriching Student Experience with Veedbacks

By Soroush Sabbaghan Senior Instructor in the International Foundations Program  As an undergraduate student and for the better part of my graduate studies, I never really felt engaged with the feedback I received in my […]


Learning spaces, connection and community

By Natasha Kenny and Nancy Chick, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning In December, we attended a celebratory lunch and debrief with instructors who taught in the learning studios in the Taylor Institute for Teaching […]

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