TI Connections Newsletter

25 strategies to prevent plagiarism

By Sarah Eaton, faculty member in Educational Leadership, Policy and Governance, Werklund School of Education *From the interactive workshop Plagiarism: From punitive to progressive approaches held at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning on April […]

TI Connections Newsletter

Director’s Corner – May 2017

By Nancy Chick, Academic Director of the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning  Welcome to my first Director’s Corner.  To complement the stories, highlights, and important dates below, I’ll provide a snapshot into the conversations […]


Enriching Student Experience with Veedbacks

By Soroush Sabbaghan Senior Instructor in the International Foundations Program  As an undergraduate student and for the better part of my graduate studies, I never really felt engaged with the feedback I received in my […]

Educational Development

Informational Interviews: More Than a Career Mapping Tool

Leverage the student card and the kindness of strangers in your learning By Derrick E. Rancourt  Professor in the Department of Oncology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Calgary & University of Calgary Teaching Scholar […]

TI Connections Newsletter

Launching the TI Library

By Caitlin McClurg TI Liaison Librarian  The TI Library is now up and running! We now have a bench collection spanning major subject matters pertaining to teaching and learning in higher education. We have boxes of […]

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